“Proon” can be understood as modern art with a transmissive vision for the present day.

Throughout the world, modern man is experiencing fundamental changes in both traditional, societal norms, and his own subjective perceptions. This transformation is also manifest in our quest for pleasure and entertainment. A realm in which cultural oversaturation is particularly evident, encouraged by an explosion of technological innovation and the all-pervasive, subliminal suggestion of the media.

I am increasingly aware of those abstract, intangible elements that become objects of mass consumption. Society is overwhelmed by an inexorable flood of the superficial and substanceless and rendered impotent by an inescapable compulsion to consume. What value can such things possibly have? Has man become a mere consumer in a market-controlled society, reduced to haggling over price and exchange value?

And love – does love have a price? Is it also exchangeable?

Is the realisation and fulfilment of this object of desire, in all its mystery, condemned to the shadows? Has it become lost in a preoccupation with naïve, inflationary fascination? In its embodiment of the obscene juxtaposition of tender intimacy and total transparency, is the subject itself rendered an object?

No. It is in this profound intimacy that I see the essence of love – its mystery and beauty. It is the passion and struggle of love, it is what I think and feel, what I am and what I strive for. It is perhaps the ultimate expression of individuality.

For me, art is the expression of creative rebellion – it is the accumulation of experience and beliefs transcribed into visual form. This level of abstraction allows me to reflect deeply on the nature of objectification in the compression of a single scene and in doing so restore passion and revive it anew. This passion, the catalyst for love and life itself, is the theme of my work. The creation of a visual space which is thought-provoking and transformative for every individual, unveils the quintessential nature of reality and promotes public engagement with the crucial challenges facing today’s society.

The vital moment and mystery of erotic sensuality and passion emerges through “proon’s” transmissive vision. The striking, photographic representation of natural physicality, necessitated by the trends of a rapidly expanding economy is in revolution – a mirror of the times. The concept of this project is rooted in the exploration not only of physical intimacy, but also of a public reawakening to a higher and more profound experience of love.

Rit Lomo

la filosofía: proon_filosofia.pdf (PDF, ca. 120kb)